Certified Diversity Specialist

The Certified Diversity Specialist Designation is designed to provide real estate professionals with the education, resources and tools they need to work successfully with a diverse population.

About CDS

Statistics show that the United States and the residential housing market are becoming more diverse and homeownership in America has an increasingly multicultural future. Choosing to embrace diversity can provide an opportunity for real estate professionals to grow their business and can help professionals in the real estate industry better address consumers' needs and avoid discriminatory housing practices as they serve this expanding market. The Certified Diversity Specialist Designation will help real estate professionals develop and strengthen their understanding of cultural diversity needed to become more aware of the unique differences among people and to better incorporate diversity into their business models.

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Designation objectives

  • Identify the dimensions of diversity
  • Understand the benefits and positive influence of diversity in real estate
  • Learn about demographic trends affecting real estate
  • Learn how our brains unconsciously create bias
  • Learn how unconscious bias affects your life and real estate business
  • Understand the dangers of stereotyping and profiling
  • Understand advertising law and ensure compliance of HUD’s advertising guidelines
  • Get Tips To Create a Diversity Marketing Strategy
  • Determine factors contributing to the homeownership gap between white households and households of color
  • Identify resources to ensure Fair Housing for all
  • Understand and Develop Diversity Competence
  • Learn steps to Build and Implement a Diverse Business Strategy
  • Understand the Characteristics of a Diversity Leader
  • Promote and Support Equitable Change

How to obtain it:


Complete the Certified Diversity Specialist modules online or in the classroom.


An exam is required by some states for continuing education (CE) credit.

Professional Affiliation

Member in good standing of the providing organization


Course - Online version of the course: $297


Pay the one-time application fee of $99 via our payment portal

Professional Affiliation

Member in good standing of the providing organization

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